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Chrysanthi Sophia Karampetsi


I'm a passionate dreamer, a doer, fully obsessed with the sunshine and the idea to uncover people's potential, strengths, and abilities that can be used in new and different ways. I assist my clients to deal with overwhelming challenges, achieve goals, become more successful, and improve the overall quality of their personal and professional life.

I am particularly interested in the prevention of the disease, and not just in its diagnosis and treatment. My goal is to assist people to learn how to acquire positive behaviors and integrate them into their daily lives. As a result, to achieve my clients' goal, I consider it necessary to build a relationship with them that is based on a climate of trust, respect, congruence, empathy, and genuineness.

Regarding my education, I have a 4-year bachelor degree in Psychology (BA) from Aristotle University of Greece, a Master's of Science (MSc) in Research in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology from Vrije Universiteit of The Netherlands and an accredited diploma in Executive Team Coaching on Systemic approach from the Athens Coaching Institute of Greece. I am a member of the Greek, Dutch (Membership number 223724), and British Association of Psychologists (Membership number 421654), Affiliate member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Greece (License number: 15960/665). Finally, I'm also undergoing my 4- year specialization to become a Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist from the Greek Association of Behavioral Research  accredited by the EABCT.

Currently, I'm a freelance clinical & developmental psychopathologist and coach psychologist in the Netherlands (Kvk number: 74378066) who is inspired to raise and promote awareness about mental health in highly stressful and demanding environments. Given that I am an expat in the Netherlands, woman, mother and I spent on average half of my waking hours at work, I developed a strong curiosity on how we can foster our well-being at work and experience less stress and fatigue, while eliminating bias due to our ethnicity, gender/sexual identity, and religion.

I cooperate with big international platforms like Modern Health, IamExpat TherapyRoute MindSupport or non-governmental organizations, i.e. Red Cross. I have supported employees in big international companies like, OKTA, Bird, EnterpriseDB, Atlassian. I organize customised and interactive workshops in different locations in The Netherlands focusing on building resilience, reframing, acceptance, stress management, creative stress relief, depression, burn-out, healthy relationships, effective communication, team building and cohesion, conflict resolution and social - soft skills. Additionally, I support individuals with the main focus on developmental psychopathology, common mental health problems, i.e anxiety & panic disorders, stress, mood disorders, substance abuse, addiction, and couple counseling.


My ultimate goal is to help my clients to lay down their own path to happiness, satisfaction or success without needing ongoing support. I focus on client-centered and systemic approaches, with a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship between the coach and the client. Furthermore, I deeply believe that the best solution for each problem varies according to the individual’s needs and lifestyle.


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