Well-Being Workshops

Our workshops are designed to educate and empower people to improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through interactive activities & group discussions. 

The workshops have a psychoeducational character focusing on the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of mental health issues.

Our workshops consist of a small to medium group size (6 -15 participants) and the sessions usually last for two hours.

Our workshops are always evaluated at the end of the day by the participants and all suggestions are taken into account for further development. 

Upcoming & Past Events

  • Challenging Negative Thinking: Mind Game
    Tue, Jun 18
    Location is TBD
    This workshop helps to develop cognitive resilience with a deeper focus on the idea that problems aren’t caused by situations themselves but by how we interpret them in our thoughts. It will help to build an understanding of the dynamics of stress and why perception matters.
  • Stress Management
    Sat, Apr 13
    Creative Point meeting space
    Learn the signs and symptoms and practice skills in dealing with stress at work based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy principles. Through this workshop we will learn to identify unhelpful thinking styles and practice ways to challenge and modify them, while adopting a more balanced way of thinking.
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