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A bit about Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology focuses on the positive aspects of the human condition, on individual or group strengths and abilities that can be used in new and different ways to enhance performance, feel better about the self, ensure smooth life transitions, deal with challenges, achieve goals, become more successful, and improve the overall quality of one’s personal and professional life.

At coach psychologist, I provide effective online coaching and counseling from a cognitive-behavioral and systemic perspective together with a range of advanced coaching skills to instill self-understanding among clients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards personal and professional development.

I support clients through Zoom, and diverse social media platforms in creating their own success at work and in life, in building a happier and more satisfying environment. In addition, I organize customized workshops on mental health-related topics and well-being for organizations to raise awareness, normalize conversations and offer practical support to all employees.

My aim is to assist people to fulfill their potential and not feel overwhelmed in their working and personal environment.  My services are personalized to suit everyone’s needs, and due to my psychology, research and coaching background, I can reassure you that I will go the extra mile to provide you with all the tools you need to recover and achieve your goals.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Expat Psychotherapy

  • Relationships with friends and family  

  • Adapting to change

  • Feelings of isolation or exclusion

  • Identity in new country

  • Cultural differences

  • Grief related to loss of country of origin

  • Anxiety related to adaptation

  • Emotional Stress

Work & Well-being Coaching

  • Developing and achieving long-term goals

  • Problem-solving

  • Identify strengths 

  • Adapting behaviors

  • Improving performance

  • Preparation for role/career changes

  • Addressing problems

  • Development plans

  • Building confidence & motivation

For Companies

  • Stress management

  • Burn-out

  • Well-being Prevention strategies 
  • Effective Boundaries

  • Difficult Conversations

  • How to support others 

  • Detect bias

  • Confident communication

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Work-life balance

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Grief or loss

  • Traumatic experiences

  • Work Stress

  • Accepting yourself

  • Confidence & Motivation

  • Toxic thoughts

  • Healthy attitudes for living

  • Stress management

  • Depression

  • Burn-out

  • Anxiety & Panic disorders

  • Anger Management 

  • Phobias 

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Our Approach

Sandy Beach
“There is no standard normal. Normal is subjective. There are seven billion versions of normal on this planet.”

― Matt Haig

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Delivering a high quality experience

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Delivering culturally centered care

Personalized Approach


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